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Shape up your website, get your social media marketing game-plan together or get wow-worthy graphic design for your launch.

If your website isn’t bringing you clients and doesn’t wow you when you think about it, you’re suffering from, “websitehumdrumia.” Symptoms include: Business Owners Guilt (BOG) and website self-hatred. The remedy is Imprint: getting a remarkable, client-generating website you love without having to wait forever for it. Get your website done right. Out-do yourself … and the competition.

You can hear the guru cackles already, “Post on Facebook, get on Periscope, try out Twitter, publish on LinkedIn,” and the list goes on and on. They’re like birds chasing you from that Alfred Hitchcock movie. Social media does bring in leads, but which are best for your business? From Pinterest to YouTube, you need a workable social media plan tailored to your business with measurable ROI.

One-Click Solutions

Looking for a set of social media graphics to wow your potential clients?
Maybe you need a digital flyer and physical flyer to advertise your next event?
Have you been thinking about getting a better design for your business card?

Then check out what I can do for you below!

If you’re the queen/king of re-posting motivational and insightful Instagram picture quotes, but you really don’t like another business’ logo invading your stream, then it’s high time you get your own quote graphics!

For less than your daily your daily coffee spend (thanks, Starbucks!), you can have 30 days worth of original, custom graphics that will get you Likes, Shares, Saves, Regranns, and Retweets.

Want to know what your graphics could look like? Check out the custom ones created by Kimprint by clicking here, here, and here.

Your customers are exposed to thousands of marketing images every day. When you’re using flyers and/or rack cards, in order to catch their eye (and their business) you need to stand out from the crowd by having them look both customer-benefit rich and visually stunning.

65% of your target audience respond best to visual information. When it comes to reaching them, if your flyers don’t make the connection visually, you’ll have a tough time helping them connect with your message and moving them from a looker into a buyer.

Want to see what my flyer designs look like? Check out the custom ones created by Kimprint by clicking here, here, and here.

Logo’s don’t make a company, but they absolutely help when it’s time to present your business to a broader audience. The best companies you know–locally and nationally–all have an image that you think of when you hear their name. Now it’s your turn!

Each logo design comes with source files and social media and print kits so you know exactly which files to use online and which to use for printing on mugs or posters. No guesswork, a fast turn around, and you proofing the final design make getting your logo done and/or refreshed exactly the way you want it a seamless process.

Need to see some logos first? I understand! Check out the specialized logos created by Kimprint by clicking here, here, and here.

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