Avoiding technology–including social media–might be one of your biggest mistakes you can make, and that definitely includes social media like Twitter.

When you post something on social media sites, your primary goal is to get a response or reaction out of the public.

Since people are going to be reading your tweet and hopefully leaving you positive feedback on whatever it is you had to say, it is essential to know what it takes to make a good tweet.

how to create a good tweet to engage your audience

You don’t want to waste people’s time by posting irrelevant information, but you also want a right balance of humor and for it to keep the reader engaged.

Here are a few things to consider when typing out your next tweet on Twitter.

1. Is What You Have To Say Valuable?

If your tweet is not essential or does not contain valuable information, then the reader is going to just scroll right past your post and move on to the next tweet listed. If at all possible, you need to avoid posting a tweet just for posting’s sake. This means that every tweet you make needs to have a purpose behind it – to inform, educate, entertain, etc. The more you post annoying or pointless information, the more likely you are to lose your audience completely.

2. Did You Fit It All Within The Character Limit?

If you are trying to lead people to a URL separate from the Twitter site, you have to make sure that it does not exceed the character limit put in place by Twitter. You can still direct people to a different site by writing a compelling headline or other small statements that will lead them to do further research on their own, but when you try to put too much information in a limited space, it can get difficult to understand for the reader. Try a word counter so you can compose a well-written tweet before and not get stuck on how to cut down on words. Pro tip: Use Twitter’s character limit as a way to test out your communication skills. If you can fit your idea into a tweet and people still get it, you’re communicating well.

3. Did You Use Too Many Hashtags?

Using #hashtags can be a great way to link to other things or to connect what you are saying with a more significant conversation, but it is also easy to use #too #many #hashtags. Doing this will make you lose your audience completely. You can either place your hashtags in the middle of what you are saying or put them at the end of your post, as long as what you are trying to communicate is easy to understand. The hashtags should never take away from your post, but always enhance them by linking to further conversation about the topic at hand.

As you are typing out your next tweet, consider how the audience will take whatever it is you have to say. By keeping your targeted audience in mind, you will be able to communicate with them better and hopefully promote your business while educating the public.


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