Website Maintenance

Now that you have your brand & website created and looking good, the next step is to keep it in shape! Keeping your website updated and protected should be at the top of your weekly list of creating a thriving business.


But you need to delegate that!

My packaged monthly services are your God-sent answer to help 6-figure (or higher) business owners always maintain their websites with updated content and website backups without having to spend a small fortune on a retainer contract.

Website maintenance frees up your time

It let’s you have one less item on your to-do list and know that, at the beginning of each month, your website will be cared for with as much attention to detail as you care for your business.

Keep your website secure & your clients happy

You can stay in your zone of genius which is creating transformaational experiences for your clients.

As opposed to wondering if you backed up your site, did it the corect way, or wondering if it’s safe from hackers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many websites are covered under my plan?

Each plan covers one website. If you need to have more than one covered, contact me for a retainer option.

What happens after I buy my package?

After you purchase your website maintience package, you’ll be sent an email within 48 business hours the contains your Client Questionnaire and instructions on how to access to your secure client portal.

If you have any questions along the way, simply reply to that email and we’ll get your sorted out.

Does my package time rollover each month?

Because we plan our slots for each month for clients, your time is scheduled in and does not move into a new month.

What are the payment terms at each level?

One great thing about the serves I offer is that you have a retainer option and a monthly option.

The monthly options are billed one at 20% to start and the remainder split over the course of your 3 month or 6 month plan.

You’re not bound to me for life! When your plan comes up for renewal you will have 10 days before the renewal priod where you can choose to renew or end your contract.

How soon will the changes be completed?

We aim for all changes to be completed within three days of the request; however, you will receive an update to your request after it’s reviewed with a timeframe listed.

Need a website

and not just a maintenance?

See my options to get your website done … the right way!