Today, most businesses are at least considering whether or not they should be on Snapchat, and many of them are deciding that they should be.

In addition to Snapchat having a massive user base, it offers a new, unique type of platform for marketing.

Whether you run a retail shop or you’re a real estate professional, here’s how to decide if Snapchat is the right choice for you.


Is your audience made up of younger people? Snapchat’s user base is young, so many companies that appeal to a younger audience find it useful.

Not only is it a good place to reach them, it may be the only place to reach them, as many younger consumers are on Snapchat and Snapchat alone.

If you have products or services geared toward a younger audience, use Snapchat to promote them.

Do you want to engage one-on-one?

Snapchat is a unique social media platform because it isn’t just for posting content, it’s also for engaging directly with your fans and customers. Snapchat lets you directly send content to your individual followers. This is one of the best ways to really connect with your audience instead of being just another company that posts content all the time without actually engaging. Send a special offer to a VIP customer or speak privately to an unhappy customer to personally resolve their issue.

Can you go behind the scenes?

Snapchat doesn’t require perfectly polished content, which is why it’s so great for creating videos on-the-fly. If you want a way to take your audience behind the scenes, Snapchat may be a good option for you. Giving your audience a sneak peek of what happens in your business makes you a transparent, trustworthy business owner, which will make them more comfortable buying from you.

Can you create visual content?

Some industries lend themselves to visual content better than others. Your posts on Snapchat will need to be visual, whether that means photos of your products or videos that showcase your business or your team. Whatever type of content you choose to create, you’ll need it to be visual in order to make Snapchat worth it.

There are several social media platforms out there to choose from, and the ones you decide will ultimately be able to deliver your content to your core audience. Snapchat is excellent for marketing, especially for small businesses, because it’s a free way to reach your audience.


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