Borrow my brain, swipe my templates, and get my how-tos so that you can stop struggling with your brand’s marketing (yes, that includes your website).

Meh-to-Amazing Website Checklist

If your website sucks harder then a baby with a new pacifier, but you don’t have the time to deal with a completely new website overhaul, this is the checklist you need. I walk you through one of the most practical ways to update your website and get people coming back without having to ever put up an Coming Soon page.

Discover 5 steps that you can use today–right now–to stop your website from being more snooze-worthy than a second-rate tabloid.

Your Unique Identity

Impact statements are the solopreneurs everyday elevator pitch. It’s how to tell the world–and your ideal clients–exactly what you do and piques their ears to working with you. Many small businesses, coaches, consultants, and creatives know about a help statement, but they often don’t know how to easily create their own.

This fill-in-the-blank impact statement generator (with prompts) helps you hone in on what, exactly, your brand identity sounds like in words.

Social Media Influencer Plan

You know you need to be posting on social media, but a huge excuse distraction can be knowing what to post and when. You don’t want to look frazzled and un-dazzled to your audience and you don’t want them hearing crickets either.

Here is help! Kickstart your social media with engaging posts, plus a bonus calendar to tell you when you should be posting and what to post. No more guesswork!

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