Knowing that Facebook has over two billion monthly active users, it will behoove any business to take full advantage of this platform. What should you do to get your Facebook page setup and attracting clients?

small businesses how to get your Facebook page setup

Here are some tips for getting started.

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What is Needed to Set the Page Up

It only takes a matter of minutes to set up a free Facebook business page from a computer or mobile device. Before diving in, you must have a name for the page, a blurb about the business, and a cover and profile photo. A logo can be used as a profile photo. The cover photo could be an image for your products, store, a current marketing campaign, etc. The About section is used to tell your audience what your company does. You also must learn about appropriate-looking and high-quality photos in image dimensions. Also, a call-to-action must be added at the top of the page to direct your audience to do something, such as calling your store or visiting your site.

Starting the Process

Visit and click the “Create a Page” button located on the top-right of the page. Select your business type, i.e., cause or community, brand or product, local business, etc. A few more details must be completed, such as adding your business name, your page category, and your address. Also, when you click on “Get Started,” you must read and accept the terms and conditions to proceed.

Add Pictures

Upload the cover and profile images to the Facebook page. Creating a good visual first impression goes a long way.

Explore the New Page

At this point the page is live, but with very little information. Because of this, you should take advantage of the prompts to do a quick walk-through of the various features that will make your page pop.

Adding a Short Description

This is where you’ll tell people about your business. However, you shouldn’t be too elaborate. Just a couple of sentences should do. Then, click on “Save” when finished.

Create a Username or Vanity URL

The username is also referred to as your vanity URL. To set up the vanity URL, you must click on “Create a Username” on your page. The URL will tell people where you can be found on Facebook. So, click on “The username should be easy to type, easy to remember, and up to 50 characters.” Use an obvious variation, like your business name. Then click on “OK.”

Complete the About Section

You should complete the essential details of your business. To begin, click on “About” in the left-hand menu on the page. Then add or edit specific business details. You can add your contact information, your start date, and other social media accounts. You can also add a longer description of your business. To do this, click on the right side of the page on “Edit Story” to offer a detailed description of your business. Show why customers should like or follow your page. After completing this section, click on “Save Changes.”

Publish the Page when Done

People will only be able to see your page when you publish it. Otherwise, it should be unpublished until you’re finished creating the page. You can edit your page anytime in your settings tab.

Begin Posting Right Away

To make sure your page is active and informational, you should start posting immediately for exposure, so people can get to know your business, to give updates about the company, to provide special offers, and more.

Turn Messaging On

You should do this to connect with your customers one on one.


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