If you run a business in today’s day and age, then the digital marketing and social media techniques you use are crucial.

You need the right strategies and tools to get more followers and respect from your market.

how to avoid small business marketing mistakes

If you don’t have these in place, it could have a detrimental effect. So avoid these common marketing mistakes.download the cheatsheet for this blog post

Fake Reviews

Nothing smells worse than a fake review or testimonial. Many businesses make the mistake of doing these, thinking that a little white lie won’t matter. They are obvious to spot, however, and usually come in the form of an avatar without a picture and just a first name like “John” saying “I love this product!” Have the patience and respect for your customers to get real reviews.

Not Developing Your Website Completely

You want people to end up on your website, but it won’t do you any good to get them there if you aren’t ready for them. Make sure you fully develop your website and remove any “lorem ipsum” content before you start your marketing efforts. Nothing will destroy confidence in your work faster than a half-baked page.

Lying or Misleading People

You need to avoid honesty issues at all costs. However, sometimes this is not possible. So focus on what you can control. Make it your company policy that you will verify facts and claims that you make before putting them out. That covers your reputation, but it also keeps you out of sticky situations that could cost you a lot of money.

Policies and Expectations

There are various policies your social media and marketing managers need to have in place. From how you engage with users, to the type of content that is appropriate for your brand, all the way to the time you take to follow up with inquiries. This keeps you on track and focused.


Not attributing the authors or artists of original work is a big mistake. It could come back to bite you legally. Instead, mention you got a certain image or asset from a particular source, even if you do it in small print or subtly. It will also encourage those originators not to come after you. If you have any questions about fair use, make sure you do your research before you use something.

When it comes to marketing online, the tactics might change. The platforms might change as well. However, one thing that will remain consistent is that you need to gain the trust and liking of your market. If you avoid the mistakes above, you can protect your business while growing it at the same time and enjoy higher profits.

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