If your website website makes about as much sense
as the drawing wall at the Crayola
factory, you’ve got a problem.

You’re in business and you’re crushing it.

Meeting with clients, answering emails, sending out estimates, self-care and mindfulness, being the all around go-to person for your team. Boom! You’ve got this down.


Your website tells a different story and is spitting on you worse than a talkative senior citizen who skipped their denture day (and they know it; don’t play).

Did you know that

  • 97% of clients say that small business websites are ineffective?

  • Or that 78% of your customer base is Googling you at any given time looking for what you have to offer?

If your audience puts such a high value
on your brand, social media profiles, and website … why aren’t you?

There’s no short way around it: small business owners and entrepreneurs (I’m lookin’ at you accountants, healers, contractors, speakers, nonprofits, consultants, fellow creatives, writers … all of you!) need a digital storefront: a remarkable website that makes clients say yes to you without you having to spend what should be sleeping hours nurturing a sale.


You did your website solo and it’s okay, but it’s not bringing leads to your inbox.


Your social media profiles look more like the photo album of a business that’s closing instead of thriving.


Your visual marketing materials scream DIY and look like everyone else’s marketing materials.

There is a formula for having a wow-worthy brand that is a magnet to your clients.

That formula–along with creative marketing–is my passion.

I’m Kimberly and I help small businesses & entrepreneurs turn their website into a client generating hub.


My catchy title is Visual Brand Architect (fancy!). More simply stated, that means that I want to see small businesses & entrepreneurs create solid brad for their business and knock their website and social media game out the park.

I help solopreneurs with their brand strategy so they can stop playing the DIY designer and digital marketer role in their business and focus on what they want to: serving their clients.

So who am I?
… and why do I know about this stuff?

Back when people still called the Internet by it’s plural name, “Internets,” I was fiddling around with webpages on AOL. It was fun and I was intrigued by being able to build on a blank canvas and turn it into something people talked about.


So, I taught myself HTML … and loved it!


From AOL, I graduated to *queue music* Geocities! After conquering that, I moved on to Homestead.
(After you Wikipedia these companies, stop laughing. They were the bees knees of their day.)


Fast forward a few years and I expanded my skills. I was all about Flash, Dreamweaver, and many of the pioneering products for designing on the web. A result of my self-teaching and classroom learning brought me my first industry award for a website I did for an upcoming country artist.


During that time, I was learning about what helps a site achieve set marketing goals and not just look pretty. For about 6 months, I tested theories then put what worked into action. The result of my first website design with my knew information enabled a women’s conference to see an increase in registrations by 75% within 3 months and they exceeded their attendee goal. I was able to help do the same for one of  the largest music festival stages in the Northeast region of the U.S.two years later.

That’s when I decided to help small businesses and entrepreneurs get those kind of results with their websites and I haven’t stopped since.


When I’m not building lead generating websites and designing epic flyers, I can be found singing background vocals with nationally known Gospel artists and looking for the best shoes, purses, & nail polishes e-v-e-r.

Grab my brain … right now

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