With over a billion people using social media at any given second, the reach small businesses & entrepreneurs can have on a platform is enormous.

The thing about social media, though, is you still have to be social.

Without that, potential clients will skip over what you post and may even hate your posts and click “ignore” (yes, it happens).

So what’s the key to building a social media presence that invites people in to engage with you?

Here are three mistakes you’re making on your social media business pages and how to change them and make people more interested in your posts.

1. You Don’t Post Updates Often Enough

Listen, I’m not saying be chained to the best times to post and all the time optimization techniques out there, but you do need to have a consistent posting schedule.

If you’re not sure what to post, try using a service like Quuu that links with Buffer to schedule a pre-set list of posts for you. All you do in choose your categories and make sure your Buffer posting schedule is set and you’re ready to go.

2. Your Posts Don’t Tell a Story Where the Reader Sees Themselves

In business, social media isn’t about you entirely, it’s about what you can say that will make other people feel like you know their life, you know their everyday–you know them.

Trying using what I like to call the seesaw approach: share something (briefly) about yourself, then ask them a question. Keep that going for a couple of comments and create better engagement and get people talking to you so they’re ready to hear what you have to say when you want to pitch them on your product or services.

3. You’re Not Using Video

Have you ever got a video call from a really good friend? That’s feeling of being excited to hear what the person on the other end has to say is, essentially, what video does on social media.

Don’t be scared to get your face out there! More people will be paying attention to your content than analyzing your looks. So make sure you have good content. ;)

What I Recommend: Go through your social media profile and see what people are responding to on them and then see what you need to do better.

For example, if your content is mostly talking about you (your services, your testimonials, your cat, etc), you’ll need to pepper in some questions about your audience in the five to eight posts.

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